Demo Builder 9

Demo Builder is a powerful software tool used to create interactive flash movies that show how applications and systems work. It offers a system that allows users to take a series of editable screen captures of a target application running on a desktop in order to produce flash simulations and interactive demonstrations of the application.

Web site - www.demo-builder.com

Quiz Builder 2

Quiz Builder enables you to create educational quizzes in Flash(SWF) format that can be used on a website, as standalone EXE file or Word document.

Quiz Builder includes a variety of question-answer schemes, including true/false, single answer, multiple answer, word bank, order, match, fill-in-the-blank, and click map questions. With an easy-to-use interface, you can design every aspect of a quiz from its entire feel right down to the single checkbox or radio button ! No programming knowledge needed.

You can also enhance quizzes with your own graphics, sounds, and movies. Preview your work before you publish it. Then take advantage of Quiz Builder's automatic score reports. Quiz Builder works with server scripts, user logins, and more.

Web site - www.quiz-builder.com

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